Wednesday, May 2, 2012

@FutureChallenges: The Annual Bertelsmann Conference: Making a Comeback

I attended the annual Bertelsmann Foundation conference—Making a Comeback: A Return to Jobs and Growth—which discussed the economy, jobs, and the political state of Washington, D.C. and Europe. Check the following links for my coverage, all posted at FutureChallenges.

Here's a link to a general review of the event, including descriptions of some of the more interesting discussions and panelists.

One of the panels had a lengthy discussion on risks to the international system. This interesting conversation featured panelists Ian Bremmer, from Eurasia Group, and Anne Krueger, from SAIS.

At the conference, Bertelsmann Foundation and the Kiel Institute proposed a new international, non-profit, credit rating agency (INCRA), to address some of the short comings and possible conflicts of interest in the current for-profit model.

In one of the more interesting panels, Congressman Gregory Meeks (D-NY) provided a discussion on the Democrat's take on the debt and tax issues. Fiscal Consolidation: A Technical Term for Partisan Quarrels.

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