Essays and Articles

"Transformational Diplomacy: Liberalism, not democracy," December 1, 2012,

"Conflict is Here to Stay,", November 1, 2012,

Co-authored with Alexandra Grundleger, "Keep the Government out of MyPlate," August 21, 2012,

"The American Way and Healthcare,", June 5, 2012,

"Terror in the Sinai: An End to Israeli-Egyptian Peace?", April 26, 2012,

"Fiscal Consolidation: A Technical Term for Partisan Quarrels,", April 25, 2012,

"Uncertainty and Imbalance,", April 25, 2012,

"New Ideas from the Bertelsmann Foundation: An International Non-Profit Credit Rating Agency,", April 25, 2012,

"Making a Comeback: The Bertelsmann Foundation’s 4th annual conference,", April 25, 2012,

"The SAIS Review Continues Its Tradition of Engagement,", March 1, 2012,

"Jobs, Jobs, Jobs: It's the Fundamentals,", January 26, 2012,

"An Artificial Protest: Occupy Wall Street,", November 8, 2011,

"An Old Threat in a New Garb:  The New Behaviorists: A Response," New Threats to Freedom, (West Conshohocken, PA: Templeton Press, ebook).

"9/11: The Genesis of a New Political Consciousness,", September 27, 2011,

"Poor economic times can cause tensions over remittances in developed countries,", July 5, 2011,

"What's Next?  The Death of Bin Laden,", May 2, 2011.  (Originally published at

"A Marshall Plan for the Middle East, Part II:  A New Vision,", March 28, 2011. (Originally published at

"A Marshall Plan for the Middle East, Part I:  An Old Approach Reborn,", March 21, 2011. (Originally published at

"Why Did Turkey Cross the Road?  Europe's Turkish Problem,", January 10, 2011.  (Originally published at

"Worthy Leaks? Could the WikiLeaks Disclosures Have Some Positive Results?", December 14, 2010.  (Originally published at


"The Global Leadership Vacuum: An Interview with Ian Bremmer, President and Founder, Eurasia Group," SAIS Review of International Affairs,Volume 32, Number 1, Winter-Spring 2012, pp. 5-17. (also available online at

"Strategic Vision: An Interview with Zbigniew Brzezinski," SAISReview.og, April 4, 2012,

Writing Awards

First Prize in New Threats to Freedom essay contest, "An Old Threat in a New Garb:  The New Behaviorists: A Response," available at

Finalist in Morality of Profits essay contest, "The River of Humanity: Harnessing Self-Interest through the Profit Motive to Build a Moral Society."