Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bush was Right

As argued over a year ago, military tribunals in Guantanamo Bay are necessary for the security of America.  The Obama Administration, which had previously wanted to try terrorist mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammad in federal court, now has switched to endorsement of the Bush era policies.  This is relatively unsurprising, given the soundness and necessity of military tribunals.  As the Left is slowly and painfully learning, it is often easier to argue against policies and attempt to smear the name of those running them when one is out of power.

But this need not be simply a cause for celebration by the Right.  The Left was clearly wrong - and lost.  Instead it should be a lesson for all, that even when in opposition, it is far better to judge problems on their merit, rather than through the lens of political expediency.  Military tribunals were an easy target from the perspective of a simplistic morality that is readily understood by the masses.  Much harder was selling the more developed policy of the Bush administration.  But if both sides had analyzed the necessity of such a policy and had worked towards mutual refinement, the last ten years or so would have been considerably less rancorous.

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