Saturday, February 26, 2011

Political Correctness at Its Worst

In yet another example of asinine political correctness, US Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY) is calling for the removal of the statue "Triumph of Virtue" from a Queens park.  According to him and his liberal backers, the statue, which portrays a nude male standing over the two female sirens, "vice" and "corruption," is sexist and must be sold on Craigslist.

Not only does Weiner have an ignorant and parochial view of history - sirens are mythical women (sometimes birdlike) from Greek mythology - but it is shocking that he has the time, despite the numerous problems that face this nation, to waste on such foolish issues.  This statue, as conceptualized by the sculptor himself, has nothing to with a man lording over women, but the conquering of societal evils.  According the The New York Sun,

Ironically, given its allegedly sexist portrayal, the funds for "Civic Virtue" were bequeathed to the City by a woman, Angelina Crane. In 1909, the City commissioned MacMonnies, then one of the most prominent American sculptors, to build a sculpture with a fountain. MacMonnies's choice of theme was a reflection of contemporary urban anti-vice campaigns, directed against prostitution (often characterized as "white slavery") and venereal disease, as well as of interest in good government and the cleansing of corruption.

If Weiner and his ilk spent just a little bit of time understanding history, and not searching for problems where they do not exist, the nation would be a better place.  It is quite unfortunate that politicians feel the need to create strife within communities to rally a few extremist voters.  Shame on Weiner.

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