Friday, September 17, 2010

Krauthammer on Delaware

Charles Krauthammer wrote a great editorial on the GOP's primary election in Delaware, where Tea Partier Christine O'Donnell defeated the general election shoo-in candidate and liberal Republican, Mike Castle.  As political wisdom goes, the GOP will now most likely lose Delaware to the Democrats.

Krauthammer is right to object to voting for candidates in primaries that are unelectable in the general election.  The Tea Party may be angry - and justifiable in their upsets - but cutting off the nose to spite the face is just foolish politics.


  1. Fantastic! I'm glad I'm not the only one who is thinking along these lines. We can't vote for people simply because they have an "R" in front of their name. Another problem that I see is the idea that electing common plumbers and soccer moms to office somehow holds the key to our salvation.

  2. Chuck~
    I think you're right. This is an unfortunate symptom of our growing partisanship - and related inability to make any sort of progress. I'm not saying I'm against or for anything that O'Donnell or the like stand for; however, I find it upsetting that Delaware was once a shoo-in for the Republicans and now looks like a certain Democrat win. I'm not sure how nominating O'Donnell helps anyone who is unhappy with the current administration and Congress. According to recent numbers at Real Clear Politics it might be the loss of Delaware and Nevada that prevent the GOP from taking the Senate. Whether you're a tea partier or liberal GOPer isn't it better to have someone that's at least partially of your frame of mind in office, rather than someone who's on the opposite side of the spectrum?

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