Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Obama on the Attack and the Destruction of Healthcare

Obama’s artifice and politically motivated smears in his recent comments regarding healthcare are despicable. The President is not only putting undue pressure on an already delicate issue, but using scare tactics for political expediency. His attempts to cram through ‘reform’ and socialize America’s healthcare system are terrifying to say the least.

In remarks given Monday, he launched an all out partisan attack on Republicans. He preyed on emotional fears of a failing healthcare system and attempted to portray the respectably cautious Republicans as pawns of vested interest and the status quo. Obama continued his misguidance on Tuesday, again attempting to portray Republicans as the bad guys.

This is not only unfair, but patently disingenuous. As Obama points out, everyone acknowledges the system is in need of overhaul. However, the current Democrat-led plans are disastrous. Republicans, such as Bobby Jindal, are proposing alternative and better solutions which the Democrats wish to ignore.

The bottom line is that, as discussed here before, the public option is an utter sham. While Obama’s claim that “[i]f you like your current plan, you will be able to keep it. Let me repeat that: If you like your plan, you'll be able to keep it,” might be technically true, it glosses over the economics of the public option. Because a public option ultimately rests on the shoulders of the taxpayers, it can (and will) operate in a grossly inefficient fashion.

Any shortfall in profitability will be picked up by the taxpayer. This will allow the public option to avoid cost reduction. Managers of the public plan will be able to simultaneously undercut private insurers and avoid having to reduce costs. If America is concerned about inefficiencies in the private sector, just wait until the government gets into the business. Obama, with an unequivocal Freudian slip, admitted this: “The reforms we seek would bring greater competition, choice, savings, and inefficiencies [sic] to our health care system…”

It is unfortunate that the Democrats in Congress backed by the increasingly disingenuous Obama feel the need to cram a broken fix upon a broken system. It is even more frightening that they are attempting to cloud the scene with false economics and political sleights-of-hand. What we need is a well thought out, economically efficient plan, that corrects the flaws in the current system. Hopefully, America will wake up and halt the pending utter destruction of our healthcare system before it is too late.

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