Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Obama Campaign

One of the driving forces behind Obama’s current failures is his inability to switch from being a campaigner to a leader. His foremost skill-set/tactic was that of being a great mobilizer and orator. He was able to latch-on to and stimulate the popular anger. He was able to inspire and incite new voting blocs- particularly the youth. Furthermore, he was successful in being able to point his finger at the establishment and pass blame. He was masterful at this and it pushed him straight into the White House. All of this is worth spending some time on and studying, especially if the new Republican establishment wants to be successful.

However, this seems to be the only amazing talent that Obama possesses. He has utterly failed to make the transition from campaigner to president. This can easily be seen in the AIG disaster, where rather than positioning himself as the President and leader of a failing economy, he jumped on the bandwagon of name calling and finger pointing. This tactic would have been potentially useful as a candidate, but as we have seen in the news, as President it has completely blown up in his face.

Likewise, we see this failed transition in his general management of the economy and his inability to be bipartisan. He has failed to draw Republicans across the aisle and has given near free reign to Congressional Democrats. He has failed to stand as a leader and offer the market strong ideas and confidence in our future.

This has hurt him deeply. Overall, America’s confidence in Obama has fallen. What America liked in him during his campaign was exactly his ability to campaign (this is also why he beat Clinton). America liked that he disparaged the past eight years. He is now showing that there really was no substance to this form. That, as most McCain supporters saw, there was no depth to his ideas. I liken him to a cocky college freshman, who struts onto campus, head filled with pride after having been a high school senior for a year. Just like the freshmen, Obama talks a big game, thinks he can take on the world no problem.

We are now entering those first finals- when the reality is beginning to sink in. Obama has fortunately pulled back in his campaign styled rhetoric and showing a little more presidential flair. Hopefully, this sticks. I don’t want any further damage done to this country. But I doubt that he has the abilities to serve as the leader this country needs. Maybe he’ll learn in the next few years- but I think he is more likely to be Jimmy Carter II than the Great Changer that he campaigned on.

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